“Thank you so much for looking after the cats! They looked very content when we returned! I’m sure they enjoyed your company and pats – they are a sooky bunch Thanks also for your notes – they are very helpful. We would love you to pet sit again sometime and have recommended you to our friends”.

T & B Runcorn

“We had a wonderful holiday and arrived back about 4pm on Tues. Back to reality!! Blaze was happy to see us and we could see he had been well looked after. Georgie was fine also. She had all fresh water and seed when we got home. Thank you so much Helen for caring for the pets and plants while we were away. You did a great job and I was very happy with how I found everything. I will definitely be in touch when we go away again. Thanks to Michael also for giving Blaze that lovely walk on the last day.”

J Springwood

“Everything was fantastic when I arrived home Smokey and Charlie almost seemed a little disappointed that it was me coming through the door and not their new best friend. Thank you again for your kind help while I was away, and don’t worry you will be hearing from me again, you can count on it.”

V Cornubia

“Thankyou for getting back to me so promptly last week. We left it to the last minute and were unsure what to do and who we felt comfortable with etc… But I am very happy with everything and will now be able to look forward to future holidays without having to worry.”

E Murrarie

“I just wanted to thank you so much for the great job you did for us while my husband and I were on the Sunshine Coast recently. Our dog Jack, and cat, Beatrice, as you know since meeting them, are both very spoilt and we have previously put them into kennels whilst we were on holidays,. Although apprehensive at first about changing our ways, we took the advice of our friends Shirley and Michael to try your services and we are so glad we did. Our pets were happy and healthy and our house safe and tidy when we arrived home. Thank you so much, we will definitely be using your services in the future.”

T & S Lind

“I felt very comfortable knowing that Helen was looking after my two cats, Oliver & Audrey. Audrey has “special needs” so I wanted someone who I felt comfortable with & could trust. From the first few moments of meeting Helen I knew that she was an animal lover and not someone who would not simply check the cats’ litter, food & water. I was also after someone with a personal touch rather than just making it a commercial venture. Helen has this warm & personal touch, and was even kind enough to go the extra mile and come all the way back to my place to put Audrey back inside again. I would not hesitate to ask Helen to look after my cats again for our next holiday, or few days away – I can highly recommend her. Thanks Helen ! ”


“Our two cats, old Zed and young JJ, were delighted with the daily attention they received from Helen, secure in their own home, while we were away. It was an absolute joy to return home to contented cats, a spotless litter area, swept patios & all our potplants looking lovely. We are now confidant to take time away knowing that our place is looked after by Helen & Michael with just as much care as we show ourselves when we are here.


Thank you so much for everything!! All the kids look very happy and it’s very nice to see them all so content! It’s nice to be home – Thomas can’t stop purring ( I’m use to Gizmo 🙂 – They all look great and thank you VERY much. Hope you can enjoy the rest of your Easter week-end; having this zoo off yr list for now!!


Since my animals are very much “my children” , I’m very peticular with who takes care of them. My search for a suitable kennel was fruitless and I realised I better make a plan or never take a holiday again.. I was refered to Helen and after meeting her, I was sure she was the right person for our needs. I was surprised in how well she got to know my animals while I was away. She managed to sort out each ones personality and needs. Even though my animals are overjoyed to see me when I get back ( I am a good “Mom”) I can see they’re not anxcious or tense – just a very happy bunch. In a way the dogs must be sorry I’m back – Helen takes them for a walk every day – something I don’t manage daily. I appreciate Helen’s loving approach and the fact that she really cares about the animals – it gives me such piece of mind to know they’re in good hands. She’s definately part of the family now!