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What You Need To Know About Before Boarding Your Beloved Pet Cat For The First Time

Are you looking to prepare your cats for their first boarding experience but have no idea how to go about it? If you are reading this, then that is your concern, and most pet owners cannot help but feel worried especially when they have no experience with a service provider that offers cat boarding in Brisbane.

Consider the following before you take your cat to a pet boarding hotel

Felines are versatile and adaptable creatures. The younger the felines are, the more quickly they adjust. Older cats usually take longer to warm up to cat boarding. However, it all depends upon the cat (isn’t that always the case!). Some older cats seem to state ho-hum and take it in stride. Others may take a few days. Their symbolic protest is not to consume. However, when they are starving, they will eat.

With the right cat boarding centre, there is typically no issue getting felines to adapt. Personally, I like the challenge of the hesitant cat. It gains additional attention from me. I consider it a particular difficulty to win them over. I think any cat boarding centre will have the same approach.

Also, some pet boarding services cater to dogs as well. Many even provide puppy training in Brisbane alongside cats in the same facility. Such arrangements can be a problem especially if your cat tends to feel uneasy around dogs.

Now, what can you do to help relieve the shift?

First, round up some of their preferred toys to take to the cat boarding. Also, if they have a favourite cat bed or blanket with their smells on them, make it along likewise. Do they have preferred treats? Take those too.

If you are preparing an extended trip, you may consider taking your cat in for cat boarding for some 1 or 2 day stays. This lets your cat get the idea that when it is left for cat boarding, that you will return for it.

Now you need to be forewarned when you return for your cat. Your pet might look at you and don’t seem very excited. Some cats even pretend that they do not wish to leave which can be disheartening. I suspect that it’s that old cat reasoning at work once again. I’ll reveal you … Some of the owners say that their cats sulk for a couple of days when they get home. One thing is for sure; cats get the last word in. Try cat boarding–you might find that cat boarding fills a critical need in your life and provides you with the comfort when you have to leave your kitty for a couple of days.