This meeting is free and of no obligation to you. We will meet your pets and discuss their requirements with you. At this meeting we can give you an accurate quote of costs which will remain valid throughout the booking.

We do not agree to provide services until after this meeting.

All Pet Sitting Services in your home include –

Individual feeding of pets at pre-arranged times
Fresh water at each visit
Clean bowls and eating areas at each visit
Administration of any medicines etc. as required
Brushing and grooming if you wish
Short walk for dogs, playtime and cuddles
Disposing of doggy doo in your yard and cleaning of little trays and cages
Collection of mail and junk mail and newspapers
Watering of up to five plants or as agreed
Opening and closing of blinds (optional)
Wheelie bins out and in
Lights turned on and off (optional)

In addition to food, shelter and love, a dog also needs social interaction, attention from their owner, exercise and mental stimulation. A simple 30 minute walk each day can fulfil these needs and keep your dog healthy and strong as well as improving behaviour at home.

In our busy lives it is not always possible to find time to walk the dog. Dogs needn’t miss out on this important part of their lives. We include a short walk (15 mins) free in our pet sitting package. We recommend that you add one or two paid ½ hour walks which come at a discounted rate when booked with a pet-sit package.

Packages available. Discounts are available for “book in advance” and walks booked with a pet-sit.

Sometimes pet owners require more than daily visits. Nervous pets, dogs who bark when alone or who fret often require more contact time. To accommodate this need we also provide some nightly sleep-overs. Each sleep-over is for a duration of 12 hours and includes toilet breaks for your pets. As well as providing company for your pets it also serves as extra security for your home. Prices start at $60.00 per night.

You don’t have to own pets to use our services. We will visit while you are away at agreed times and security check your home. Charges start at $18.00 per visit and discounts apply for extended bookings.

This service includes –

Checking windows, doors and perimeters of your home and your yard
Collecting mail and disposing of junk mail and newspapers
Wheelie bins out and in
Watering gardens and/or lawns and pots
Altering of lights and blinds (optional)